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FARM2TABLE is an innovative social enterprise established to drive food security in Nigeria. "Food security exists when all people at all times have physical and economic access to safe, sufficient and nutritious food to live a healthy and resourceful life."

To achieve this objective, we have developed an incentive-based market structure to directly connect the farm to the table (and table back to farm) in a well-organized system that makes food cheaper at the table.

Through this structure we seek to convert the $22b (a whooping N8 trillion!) spent annually on food imports to creating jobs and economic advantage for millions of Nigerians.

Join us to enjoy 3-fold benefits:

1. Fresh foodstuff at cheaper rates from the farm to your door (free delivery).

2. Monthly earnings: We share profits with you when you refer others.

3. Farm investment: We build a Farm investment professionally managed for you (from 50% of your monthly earnings) from which you will also earn every six months. This serves to ensure a continuous flow of investment back to the farm for abundant healthy organic food production back to your table.

Our ultimate objective is to set up a food production and supply system that will guarantee incrementally cheaper food to consumers and eventually national food security.

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Grains, Meat, Tubers, Vegetables, Soups, etc.

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